Who the hell said
That I fell off
Johnny comeback
And it’s White Hot
Haters, lovers
And freaks take note
Ya’ll ‘bout to choke
As I clear my throat (eh-eh)
“What’s up, Johnny
What you been up to”
The usual shit
Concerts and film flicks
Some radio shows

Videos on Logo
Then throwin’ em back
At Cocktails and Roscoes
Head down to Spin
End up at Berlin
Then wake up to breakfast

In bed- do it again
Check the email
Write some shit on my blog
And have my man-servant
Take my dogs on a walk
“you got it like that?”

I’m only pullin’ your leg
Cuz when he lets the dog out
He throws down in the bed
And all you  wanna-bes
Bitin’ my style
I’s gonna take a lot more
Than some dirty ass rhymes, child
Gear always phenom
Been told my styles the bomb
Shirts by Benetton
Denim-Dolce Gabban

Bag Louis Vuitton
Cascading my arm
My style is Grey Goose
While yours is Boonz Farm
Still 5-6
Still love to write hits

Still got the hot ass
That love to ride dick
Still love to live rich
With luxurious shit
If I rap it, I live it
You can hate all you want, bitch

Johnny come out on top
White Hot’s the new black
I’m takin’ ova ya block
Started as a hip hop star
Tore it up as a Rockstar

But now Johnny D
Be the X-Rated Pop star
“What about the other Johnny?”
Johnny who?
“The gay pimp”

That old silly lookin’ clown

With them thin-ass lips?
“Come on, you know Jonny!”
I don’t know who dat is
The only Johnny I know
Last name is Dangerous, bitch!

Three Minute Pop

(Fuck a man)
You ain’t shit
Now I’m considering licking clit

You old good for nothing ass
With that fuckin little dick
Shit, I mine as well be fuckin’ bitches
Since your dick was trash
Tryna’ take me to yo place
So you could stick that in my ass

You gotta be joking
How the hell can you be stroking
Even if that teenie weenie gags my throat
They’ll be no choking
Think I’m soakin’ at the site,
Shit you’ve got me wrong instead

Beneath those briefs-I bet indeed
Those little balls crumbled like bread
How the hell, how the fuck
You bragged about how you was pack
But surprise, I rubbed my eyes
To see you’re hung like a thumb tack

Silly bitch, you silly trick
And you call yourself a man?
I’d rather get fucked by a dyke
At least I’d feel her fucking hand


One minute, two minute, three minute-POP
You started working hard but then you ended with a flop
Four minute, five minute, sixminute-STOP
I thought that you was workin’ til you played let’s beat the clock
Seven minute, eight minute, nine minute-NOT
You thought you had this locked, but then I found your little cock
Can’t even try for ten, I won’t do this again
You can’t stroke, can’t poke, with your three minute POP, POP, POP, POP

Now you may got a big ass dick
But you can’t work it
I don’t know why you was braggin’

Cuz your shit is far from perfect
You must have had nada
Cuz your game is straight lame-o
Layed that pipe inside my plumbing
And I melt that shit like drain-o
Can’t handle an aggressive more progressive

Power Bottom
I’ll be damned you get your  rox off
If I ain’t even got ‘em
Hell, What you missin’
You could learn from Ashton Kutcher

Shame with all that beef
I’m the one who plays the butcher
Yeah I talk a lot of shit
But got the booty to prove it
What’s the point of all that cock
If you ain’t know how to use it

Cuz If I worked a dick like you
With no enjoyment
I’d be str8 up out of business
Collecting unemployment

Repeat hook

Now I finally found a man who can slam
And do it over
The type to put a hump in my back
Just like an ogre
The one who knows my body

And what makes me fucking crazy
And when push comes to shove
His ass is far from lazy
He lays it on me hard
And then I’m good for a week
But then I’m back to speaking in tongues
When he’s all up in me
I be like
Na ha ma shee hall alon’ doung
I wish this type of pleasure
Could be had by everyone
No need to give instructions

How to lick and how to suck it
How to push, how to ram
He knows exactly how to fuck it
You ask how does he know
Exactly how to please
He knows what makes me tick

Because he is fucking me
And can’t nobody please you
Like your damn self

That’s right . . .

Repeat hook

GAYNGSTA GLAM (fT. Bob Flosse)

I shit glitter, bitch!
So whatchu say to this?

Straight VIP
You can’t compete with me!
I keep it hot, gutta
Glam and Gayngsta
For those who gave me fame
I may fuck ya to thank ya
I’m a crass individual
With nothing to lose
Any punk who may oppose
Leaves with his face bruised
If that is what he choose
Then that’s what he gets

You heard I like it rough
And stuff and rated x?
Then what’s next? Ha
You think you getting’ sexed
Well that’s the only way I play
You signin’ checks!
I’m fab, fierce
And worth every dollar
You ain’t rollin’ with the big bank
Then don’t even botha!
I see you tryna’ holla
Call me out in the streets
But I’ll be that cat
To knock your teeth to the concrete
Like that!
And if you ain’t know?
You betta ask my crew
Just how I roll
Cuz I’m Gayngsta

Shit, God-damn
That mutha fucka is Gayngsta Glam, I said
Shit, God-damn

That mutha fucka is Gayngsta Glam
Shit, God-damn
That mutha fucka is Gayngsta Glam
Shit, God-damn
Johnny Dangerous is Gayngsta Glam

You seem confused
I’m not like the other dudes
I ‘t wear baggy pants
Do-rags or tennis shoes
I’m glam
And if you don’t understand
I rock the tight t’s
Low jeans and leather bands
I’m hot, and with all the money I got
I buy expensive boots
With the points at the top
I make the girls laugh

I make the dudes gasp
But regardless what I say
They beg for autographs
Top that-Stop!
You wanna’ see me rock?
And bang the latest Johnny video

In your I-Pod
I rock so many styles
They call me the male Madonna
Don’t be jealous baby boy
It’s only my persona
Got balls?

It takes cojones to date me
And sure as hell ain’t no mutha fuckin’
Johnny come lately
I’m danger, bitch
And in case you can’t remember
I’m the number one contender

Gay Mafia member

Repeat Hook

You say that I’m pretentious
And call me a fake
Mad cuz I make dollars

While you make mistakes
Mad cuz I’m Hollywood
When you never been to it
And if I want my ass wiped
I’ve got people to do it
Pissed because I’m glam

And well known as the man
Who rocks a golden tan
From the islands and sands
It’s like I’m on vacation
And after catchin’ Nip Tuck
I’m at Starbucks with a latte
Shit custom made
Down to my velour 
If you compared my style to clothing
You would call me couture
I have allure

And the paparazzi know it
Publications droppin’ bling
For my photos to show it
Seen in New York
To the M-I-A beaches
Both my dogs are rockin’

Coach collars and leashes
Check that-who am I?
The name’s Johnny Dangerous
Gayngsta Glam, baby
Gayngsta Glamorous

Repeat hook (four times)

2 HOT 4 T.V. (fT. Deborah Kelly)

It seems that we’ve got a problem
Forget that there’s a war in Iraq
Cuz there’s a bottom
His name is Dangerous
And he’s back to corrupt
You’ve got a crisis on your hands

Cuz I fuck up the butt
Yeah I’m a fag
And if you don’t watch out
I’ll hunt your men down
And then fuck their backs out
It’s time the F-C-C

Took control of this threat
So fuck Osama cuz you’ve got
Some real shit to address
Scared because I’m bold
And I don’t bite my tongue
Women jealous cuz I voice

I prefer my men hung
I know that shit is crass
But that’s how I do
Envious Dangerous
Gets more dick than you
And you can play nice

And smile more than twice
But you think I got respect
By actin’ sweet and polite?
I get the respect of my peers
By standin’ up
And not giving a fuck

When I was told to shut up

Johnny, you’re too damn hot
(2 Hot 2 Hot for t.v., why everybody always fuckin’ with me?)
Johnny, you’re too damn hot
(2 Hot 2 Hot for t.v., why everybody tryna’ ban Johnny D?)

Fuck your politics
And your bullshit excuses
Censor what I say
Like my subjects are useless
But here’s an exclusive
I want you to know
You can eat a dick
And lick my asshole
Oh there he go
Resorting to sex
I guess that’s all I’m good for
According to them
Say I can’t marry
Live in sin or repent
When divorce by straight couples
Are up fifty percent

And all the Jesus freaks
Thinkin’ I’m gonna’ budge
Cuz they condemn who I fuck
When God said not to judge
Worried all about
Where I stick my dick
Don’t you worry, sweetheart
Until I’m up in your shit
And what about the kids
Homeless on the street
Kicked out cuz they came out and found a
Hero in me

And I refuse to lie
And deny what I do
And I refuse to play the role
And try to blend in with you

Repeat hook

Why some magazines
Don’t wanna give me a spread
Could it be cuz Johnny D
Spreads for men in his bed
And chooses to rap

And express how he feel
And was told he’d get a deal
If he kept it half real
The industry is fucked
Even the gay media
You may have caught
‘Pick Up The Mic’ on ya tv but yo
That wasn’t me

All up in your screen
That was what the FCC
Wanted you to believe
Apparently I

Was too homo for Logo
Saw my performance
And they were like hell no!
And me kissin’ a man?
That shit was a no-show
But here comes Queer As Folk

With two fags playing with dildos
Could it be, could it be
A conspiracy
You didn’t get Johnny Dangerous
You got Johnny Disney
Perhaps if I was PG
I’d be more mainstream
I guess the thought of who I am
Does not bring home the green

Repeat hook


Whoa, Ah-hah
Whoa, Ah-hah
Man, Johnny don’t do it (whoa)
Man, Johnny don’t do it (ah-hah)
Man, Johnny don’t do it (whoa)
I’mma do it!

I’ve got your man
And you can’t tell me shit
You can kiss my ass
When your man ain’t in it
I stole your phone
And peeped your outbox
But bitch, you got Sprint
So all your messages got lost
And sorry for you

He like what I do
And told me what you what you lacked
In the boudoir too, oooh!
You ain’t a freak though
You claim you can roll
But when he’d try to hit

You played booty patrol
Well you can keep your flag
And your ass that sags
You picked the wrong fag
To fuck with, silly bitch
Yo, Trix are for kids

And real dick is for men
Why would your man go back to one
When he’s now got a ten
Don’t pretend you’re even stunned
Like you never knew
It’s true he looked to fuck

And hook it up in the chatrooms
How stupid of you
To think you could compete
I’mma take your man
So bitch, peep the technique

Well I’ll Take Your Man right out the box
Well I’ll Take Your Man right out the box
Well I’ll Take Your Man right out the box
And put him under my padlock
Well I’ll Take Your Man right out the box
Well I’ll Take Your Man right out the box
Well I’ll Take Your Man right out the box
And put him under my padlock

I’m a bonafied skeezer
And I got ‘lotta game
I see you doggin’ the word
As if the name is a bad thang
I see you judgin’ me
Thinkin’ your man’s kept
Then why when he get home
You smell dick on his breath?

You’ve got problems at the bank?
Then you’ve got me to thank!
And when he’s out to lunch
And you can’t get him on the phone
Well I’m out to lunch too
And I can’t get off his bone
You gets the dial tone,
So yo, leave it alone
And I won’t be forced to break up
Anotha’ happy home

I got so many tricks up my sleeve
You can’t believe
And the tricks your man do
On his knees, are fuckin’ genius
And that penis
Is fucking gold
So don’t ever sell yourself
And the man you picked short
You can call the police
And try to get me to stop
But sleep with your eyes opened
And your doors locked!

Repeat hook

No, No, man Johnny don’t do it
No, No, man Johnny don’t do it
No, No, man Johnny don’t do it
I could give a damn if you think I’m a jerk
No, No, man Johnny don’t do it
No, No, man Johnny don’t do it
No, No, man Johnny don’t do it
Te quito a tu hombre, cabrona!

You can call me a bitch
But the fact still remains
You can’t lure him away
With all them childish games
And oh how he fucks
Dug deep in the guts
Then he pulled his dick out

And sucked the nut out my butt
Think I’m a slut, jealous bitch
I’ll put you all in your place
So tell me when you kiss him
How does my ass taste?
I’mma bring you danger
Tryna’ compete with mines
And I’mma tell you for the last time
What’s yours is mines

Repeat hook

That’s right…
And ain’t shit you can say about it, ya dumb bitch!
You was wondering where Johnny Dangerous was?

He was fuckin’ your man’
And I don’t care if you’re a fuckin’ pussy or a dick…
Your man still got took!
I put a fucking “X” on your forehead, bitch.  Johnny Dangerous was here! Uhh!

Repeat hook

Dirty is the new black

Do you like to play dirty
Or do you play clean

Do you like your coffee black
Or with a little cream?
Does the thought of getting caught
Really turn you on
Or is the fear too much
So you do no wrong

Have you ever been told
What you can’t do
Because of all the shit
People hang on you?
Afraid to let it out
And let you be you

Seems a bit too much
So you repress that too
I’m here to let you know
That you ain’t alone
We like the same type of things
Others won’t condone

You can talk to me
If you can’t talk to them
And I won’t be judgmental
Like your lame-ass friends
None of ‘em get it
Cuz they’ve all be trained

To hide just what they like
‘Cuz they feel ashamed
But me, on the other hand
Don’t give a damn
I embrace who I am
So fuck they understand if

Dirty Is the New Black
And freaky Is the new black
And kinky is the new black
You can mix and match

What can they say to that and
Nasty is the new black
And raunchy is the new black
And  Dirty is the New Black
So get your freak on

And show ‘em what to do with that

Like a little rough play
In public places?
You love the look of shock
On conservative faces

You like a little freak
In the bosses office
Regardless of their spouse
You still end up topless
You like a little kink
On the internet chat rooms

And like to be a voyeur
In restaurant bathrooms
You like a little spice
On the telephone
What’s wrong with dirty secrets
When you’re home alone

You crave a little action
In the back of your car now
Regardless if they see you
Cuz you freak with the top down
You love to be seen
Like an art exhibit

Even though you’re just
A nasty exhibitionist
You spark a little flame
With your best friends lover
But you don’t give a damn
Sneaky mutha fucka!

I gotta give credit
Where credit is do
And God damn that dirty number
Looks hot on you!

Repeat hook

Now not everybody
Can wear the color dirty
Some try to be flirty
But come across nerdy
This look ain’t for the weak

Meek, conservative geeks
It’s for the inner freaks
From every ghetto to wall street
Caucasians and black kids
Down to Hispanics
In any profession

Even greasy mechanics
Attorneys and doctors
And clerical workers
Become the type of freaks
To rock leather and serve us
They try a little bondage

And S & M
And all of a sudden
They’ve got all new friends
No need to go backwards
On their blogs and their news blurbs

We started in the city
Now we rockin’ the suburbs!
Straight takin’ over
Is the name of this game now
They try to hold us down
But we’re one of the same now

Release your inner freak
You ‘ot it, I can tell
What’s wrong with getting dirty
If you clean up well?

Repeat hook


Do I look like an asshole
Or a naïve fool?

Do I look like the type
Who’d get dece’ted by you?
Do you think that I’m stupid
And I wouldn’t know
But I come smarter than that
I caught wind to ya’ blow

You can’t snow me, bitch
Cuz I’ve been handlin’ shit
Who the fuck you think invented
Every game in the book (bitch?)
Gave my lovin’ to you
And I came out like an ass

Hearin’ people talkin’ crap
All behind my back
I made you look sharp
While you flossed in my ride
And now the thought of someone else
Sliding inside

Now I’ve played the fool
But I won’t play it again
Especially when I’m hearing
All this shit from your friends
Checked the internet chat rooms
When you out, don’t came back soon

Now I’m left just to as-sume
What you doin’ in bathrooms
And if this was a classroom
Believe there’d be a lesson
Fuck’with me, baby boo?
Hell’s in session

I wish you would
Try to get out of this
I wish you would
Keep talkin’ that shit

I wish you would
Try to play me like dirt
Fuck around with my emotions
And get that ass hurt
I wish you would
Try to fix things now

I wish you would
Git your ass off my couch!
I wish you would
Put your hands on this
Cuz hell hath no fury
When I’m pissed like this

Now who paid your bills?
When you was inbetween work
And who footed the checks
Oh, how soon we forget
And who put his own shit

All aside for you
And at the end of the night
His mouth wide for you
Who got inside of you
And made you feel like star
Your charlie horse cramped

From ridin’ dick like a car
Who would have lied for you
And Even died for you
When you couldn’t buy shit
Who co-signed for you
Who kept your friends close

When you was down in your luck
And who had you back
During all the blackouts from drugs
Who cleaned you up good
And got you your friends
Who told you’d when you fall

That you’d get up again
Who gave a tough skin
So you’d come out on top
And who gave you all
This expensive shit that you got?
Who taught you how to be

The person that you is
Not that fool you left me for
Cuz he ainvt better than this!

Repeat hook

Now let’s be real about it

Since someone don’t really wanna talk about it
Fuck you and your thin dick trick
For tryna’ start shit
I’ve got a new lover
And believe my lovers betta
My honey ain’t like you

Cuz my baby makes chedda
My baby don’t stare
In internet cyber space
And try to cyber fuck
Every pretty ass face
And every hottie with cakes

Cuz I’ve got the goods
And I wish you would
Oh, I wish you would
Your legs may not have parted
Just like the red sea
And don’t get me started on the shit

You promised to me
And let the records show
That you loved to grate cheese
When it came time suck a dick
Bitch, you was all teeth
At first I was hurt

But now I admit
I’m glad that the shit went down
The way that it did
Cuz if you didn’t do that
I wouldn’t be in love
That freaky shit you wouldn’t do

I found a bitch that does

Breathe (ft. Ricoshade)

Who gave you the right
To approach me now
When you see I’m on the floor
Tryna’ get my groove on
Been eyeballin’ this
From the moment I came
And now you and your friends
Are trying to do the same
I’m high-class
And I don’t date dirt
So back up, scamp
Before your feelings get hurt
For what it’s worth
You never had a chance

And I know you only want
What’s in my pants
We can’t dance
Cuz I’m not interested
Do I have to spell it out
For you to get it?

You better back up
Give me some space
I gotta’ breathe
So get out my face!


Get out my face!
Get out my face!
Get out my face!

Baby, let me breathe!

Up at the bar
In the V-I-P
This scally-wag wanna be
Is still followin’ me

Is it the fact
I’ve got the sex appeal
Or maybe the fact
My baby blues are real
Damn I can’t dance
Or even go to the bar

Without your funky ass
Tryna’ buy me a shot
“No thanks, I’ll pass
I’ve got my own cash
I’d rather buy my own drink
Ice and even glass!”

Put it on your tab?
Don’t make me laugh
I heard from your friends
Your credit card was maxed
As for your limit
It was low, I know

How you work at a bank
When your accounts are froze, please!

Repeat hook

Your teeth are all jacked
And your breath is rank
And I’m on to the fact
You’ve got no funds in the bank
So you like my style
From fifth Avenue Saks
While your tacky ass
Shops at TJ Max
You’re wack!
And your persona’s a joke
You can’t call me on my cell
I see your razor is broke
It ain’t workin’
Like that Rolly on your wrist

Straight bootlegged shit, bitch
You catch my drift?
You ain’t legit
Everything is a fraud
From your gear to your car
To your fake-ass job
You’ve been read!
So take your ass home
Tricks are for kids, silly rabbit
Johnny’s grown

(Wan Dat) Ass Is

Do you want that ass?
Do you want that ass?
Do you want that ass?

Then say you want that ass (I want the ass!)

That ass is fantastic, bombastic
I’m spastic
Appeals to the masses
And thick as molasses

Make you pay your taxes
You wish you had free passes
It’s tight like elastic
Flip it like gymnastics
Some think I’m too crass is
I hide under sunglasses

Addicted to harass this
This jam, you’ve got to blast this
See, ass can be anything
You want it to be
It represents the male
And female anatomy

It can be admired
By a dude or a chick
Even straights and gays
Can bond over it
Whether black or white
Hispanic or Asian

Everybody wants some
Cuz Ass is so amazing!

Repeat hook

Oooh, that ass just surpasses
It’s always tight not flaccid

It still remains the fattest
Just like Mama Cass’
No one likes flat-asses
You’ve gotta’ have booty-cheeks
And nobody wants an assless ass
Or a cookie sheet

You better start to binge
For weeks and weeks
Or else you gets no ass
Not even a sneak peak
Love junk in the trunk or even booty funk
Let’s just all admire it
Not even Trump’s found a rump
That made him want to fire it
That booty that booty
Oh so plump and juicy
That jello just jiggles
And looks like it tastes fruity
You’ve taken all these classes
Just to get some ass is
Ass is  Ass is
I sure love me some ass is

Repeat hook

That ass is so amazing
And had it’s share of praising
Too long that ass has been in jeans
That it will come out blazing
Give me just a tid bit
I can’t handle the whole biscuit
I don’t want to risk it
Ruin my chance to get to kiss it
Always dreamed to flip it
And bake them cakes like Bisquik
Take a bite right out that ass

And taste it like a Triscuit
No body knows where the booty goes
Expect for in our hands
Squeeze them cheeks and work that freak
And hold them when you dance
Never had a problem with a bottom

And that ass
Now I got them after I bought them
With a little cash
That basket’s bombastic and hella fantastic
If  you got it, flaunt it

And grab it like you want it!


Oooo, look at that!
I’m curious…  you got me curious baby!
OOooooo, weeeee! Ha-Ha…
Show me! (Curious)

Well, my boy Deadlee said that there was a new

Kid in town who liked to do what I do
I asked T. Fixx if he heard it too
And he was like, “Word, Johnny! I thought you knew!”
Knew what? “Knew him?” No, we ain’t met
Cuz I heard if we did, I wouldn’t forget
See the talk around town is that you like guys

Five foot six with light blue eyes
And me I like dudes who’ve got great taste
A well-endowed boy with a cute ass face
And from what I heard, you’ve got all of the above
We haven’t even met, and I think I’m in love

I’ve heard a few things from the boys downtown
That you got it goin’ on and how you get down
And I gotta say his, I’m curious
So curious and I’m serious

Show me! I’ve got to see!
Show me! I’ve got to know!
Show me! I’ve heard some things!
Show me how you work and how you get down

That’s right…
Mmm, hmmm

Well, I heard some more stories about your past
That you’d do anything just to get a piece of… (shhh!)

I gotta say this I’m curious, so curious
And I’m serious!
It’s hard for me to hear it, when I don’t know
I wanna’ see it dangle out your underwear hole
I wanna’ play with it, I wanna’ knock boots
See it stand at attention, and give it a salute (yes, sir!)

I wanna’ introduce it to my face and lips
Bend myself over and give it a little kiss
Some say I’m crazy I could have anybody
But forget all the others, I only want your bod-ay!!!

Repeat bridge

Repeat Hook

That’s right
T. Fixx, bring it back now
That’s right

Well, they say curiosity killed the cat
But they never met Johnny when he wants some of that

I’ll rob and steal just to get closer
Put my business on the table, admit it all to Oprah
I’ll polish that pole like a new Rolls Royce
My love for new boys with their new big toys
I’m like a kid on Christmas, happy and gay!
Who am I kidding, I’m gay everyday! (heeey!)

How the hell is it, we never met?
We’re both cute boys and we both like sex
We can play cops and robbers, and robbers and cops
We can play tops and bottoms and bottoms and tops

Repeat bridge

Repeat hook (twice)


You better show me what you got
I ain’t into wasting time
That shit you talked in those chat rooms
When we was online
Them pix you showed me of your lips
Nearly made me gasp

And just the thought of that long tongue
Sliding in my ass
I’ve never been the type
To be submissive in the bed
When they ask for oral pleasure
I demand mine first instead

Some people leave confused
Cuz they don’t know what it’s about
Just put your mouth inside my ass
And let me turn you out


You’ve got to eat it like a Reece’s Pieces
Suck it like a Hershey’s Kiss
Lick it like a Tootsie Pop and rub it all across your lips
You’ve got to eat it like a Reece’s Pieces
Suck it like a Hershey’s Kiss
Lick it like a Tootsie Pop and rub it all across your lips

You’ve got to eat it

So many times you’ve wined and dined
And even had yourself good times
But call this move the seventy
What’s one plus sixty-nine?

No need to feel ashamed
You’re not the only one who does it
I’ve had so many in the past
Who tried this trick and loved it
Don’t be so fucking nervous
I saw all your videos

Them games you pulled with lubes,
Handcuffs, poppers and dildos
You said that you loved head
So why you being such a jerk?
So get that head between these thighs
And put that tongue to work

Repeat Hook

Eat that ass and work them lips
Move that mouth from right to left
Dart that tongue inside my spot
And let me feel your breath

Hold my cheeks and spank me hard
While you take a taste
Lay right ‘own, I’ll get on top
And then I’ll fuck your face
See, I know you feel it
Cuz I put you in the mood

This shit’s for everybody, fags
And dykes straight girls and dudes
To get this type of service
You don’t have to be this famous
Say “dive that tongue just like Luganis
Right into my anus!”

CRUSHHH! (Ft. Nicky Click)

Who the hell knew
That I’d be that type

To get wrapped up
After just one night
My boys all trippin’
Say I’m stuck on stupid
And now my little black book
I don’t even use it

Put four stars
And wrote in my blog
Even got my ex callin’
And cursin’ me out
Said I never crushed
Like this befo’

And usually after I hit
I don’t want no mo’
But this time? Shoo
It’s got to be crack
That got me comin’
Feindin’ jonesin’, beggin you to come back

Now I hate to have to be
The type would stalk
And watch you through the window
From your parking lot
I know that’s it’s intense
I know it’s alot

But if we hook up again
I guarantee it’ll stop
And who could this be
Callin’ me on my cell
And before I knew what hit me
You started to tell me

It’s the way you move and groove
The way you shake your thang (go’head)
Now I’ve got to tell you this
So please let me explain (I’m listening)
I’ve got a crush (Huh, what?)

Crush (me too)
It’s just a crush (Huh,What)
A little crush (I got a crush on you)

Damn, I can’t believe it
This ish Is crazy

All this time I thought you’d freak
If you knew how I played
When I see it and I want it
Don’t let nothin’ stop me
I see you play the same way
You just as cocky

Well aren’t we the perfect
Match made in heaven
We’re both tens
While others barely seven
Both at number one
With the looks to boot

And your ex wish he was
On my scale of cute
Some people are scared
To ask for what they want
That’s why in life they don’t
Get just what they want

But me on the other hand
Could give two shucks
I’ll put that on ery’thang
And bet a million bucks
You out of your prescription
I’mma fill ‘it up

You want a frapuccino?
I’mma bring you some starbucks
Whatever you want
I know you’d do the same
Just to get with this
I’ll keep you screamin’ my name

It’s the way you work me, babe
You’ve got me open wide
‘Specially when you let me in
And feel it deep inside
You wanna touch?

You wanna touch
A little touch?

Nobody got it
As good as we do

And nobody bout to get
Just as good as we bout
When two beautiful people
Get together it’s havoc
Eff the fourth
Everyday we make fireworks happen

They’ll see sparks fly
When we walk on by
And check the chafe marks
In between baby thighs
No one can get this freaky
Down to the nitty gritty

We makin’ up our own
Sex and even city
Invincible, yes
You cold from the weather?
Then wondertwin powers activate
Form of a sweater!

And I’mma hold you
Like you’ve never been held
While you make my head swollen
Like it’s never been swelled
Still get butterflies
Like the day that we met

You write my name in hearts
On doodled notes at your desk
Page after page
I always see your face
You stay at number one
On my top 8 on my myspace

All lyrics © 2006-2013, written Johnny Dangerous and reprinted by permission.