When unabashed sexuality and devious wit billows throughout the universe, it must be coming from the mouthy mastermind of raunchy rapper, Johnny Dangerous. 

Branding himself as the "top faggot emcee," this pint-sized oral assaulter has made quite a name for himself over the last decade by slinging racy rhymes and taking no prisoners with hits like "Rockstar," "Topsy Turvy" and "Curious." 

Even the MTV/Logo audience couldn't get enough of his visual debauchery, keeping videos like "Take Your Man," and "(Wan Dat) Azz Iz" in constant rotation for over six months-a feat of longevity that's damn near impossible for any artist in this day and age. 

Mr. Dangerous' "Dirty Is The New Black" was also the first and only queer rap video to have debuted at number one on Logo's "Click List" countdown, and has sold over ten thousand copies on ITunes since it's 2008 release. 

All this comes as no surprise to those who've followed him since his days at New York's first-ever Peace Out Homo-Hop Festival, the widely publicized first ever Homo Revolution Tour and since appearing on the pages of URB Magazine, the Advocate, Unzipped, Instinct, Attitude and more.

Since the release of Johnny's sophomore album, White Hot in 2008, he's been unusually quiet while the underground queer-rap scene that he helped define had made much noise over the past few years... until now. 

Johnny Dangerous stakes his claim and reinvents himself once again proving there's no room for one-trick-ponies nor one-hit wonders around his newly tailored, experimentally edgy sound.  Johnny rides the beats of his new EP, Mustache Ride with so much swag and vigor, it comes as no surprise that Johnny is back to do what he does best--talking shit and making hits. 

The single "Trade" finds Johnny in an all-too-familiar scenario dodging shoddy advances from inquisitive heterosexual males, all with the sassy candor that you'd come to expect from the Dangerous one.  "Number 2" is a modern day fatal attraction tale where Johnny finds himself wrapped up in a love triangle, all while smoothly singing over a hard-edged, base-heavy dub step track. 

Alas, "Mustache Ride" channels Johnny's inner 70's porn star, all with a sleek and punchy grit while riding the rhythm like a pro on a mechanical bull.  Johnny Dangerous definitely shows the rookies how it's done, and Mustache Ride puts Johnny back where he belongs; on top!